1263J Jumbo Fireboulder


Every Jumbo Fireboulder is handcrafted and unique; adding warmth and light through timeless stone that is a beautiful addition to any landscape design.

Jumbo Fireboulders

  • 24-inch Fire Star Burner or 22-inch Burning Spur  & 30-inch Carved Hole Size
  • Includes: Stainless Steel Flex Line, Key Valve, & Lava Rock
  • NG BTU: 125,000 or LP BTU: 125,000

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The “Jumbo” FireBoulder is hand-carved, and possesses a 30″ cutout that is designed to accommodate a 24” or 22″ burner system. Dimensions/weights of these boulders are variable, but they typically weigh 2,000 pounds or more.

The “Jumbo” FireBoulder functions seamlessly as an accent or focal point in any landscape or hardscape design, and are ideal for patios/outdoor living spaces.

Firestar burner KIT


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Weight 3830 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 67 × 14 in

Burning Spur Size

Firestar Size

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