1494CJ Jumbo Fireboulder


Every Cored Jumbo Fireboulder is handcrafted and unique; adding warmth and light through timeless stone that is a beautiful addition to any landscape design.

Cored Jumbo Fireboulders

24-inch Fire Star Burner or 22-inch Burning Spur   & 30-inch Carved Hole Size, 16-inch Vertical Core hole, & 1-inch Horizontal Core Hole
Includes: Stainless Steel Flat Disc, Whistle-Free Flex Line, Spacers, Key Valve, Key , & Lava Rock
NG BTU: 125,000 or LP BTU: 125,000
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The “Cored Jumbo” Fireboulder is a one of a kind outdoor fire feature , built from a natural stone boulder and equipped with a fire burner.  The “ Cored Jumbo ” Fireboulder possesses a 30″ cutout that is designed to accommodate a 22″ or 24” burner system. Dimensions/weights of these boulders are variable, but they typically weigh 2,000+ pounds.

The “Cored Jumbo” Fireboulder functions seamlessly as an accent or focal point in any landscape or hardscape design, and are ideal for patios/outdoor living spaces.


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Weight 1704 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 51 × 11 in

Burning Spur Size

Firestar Size

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