496SFW-Small Fire/Water Boulder

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Every FireBoulder is handcrafted and unique; adding warmth and light through timeless stone that is a beautiful addition to any landscape design.

The “Small-Fire/Water” FireBoulders function seamlessly as an accent/focal point in any landscape or hardscape design, and are ideal for patios/outdoor living spaces.

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The “Small-Fire/Water” FireBoulder is hand-carved, and possesses a 10″ cutout that is designed to accommodate a 6” burner, as well as a separate water feature. Dimensions/weights of these boulders are variable, but they typically weigh between 800 and 1,200 pounds.

Additional information

Weight 496 lbs
Dimensions 33 x 21 x 17 in
Fireglass Needed

Fireboulder Type

Small Fire & Water

Stone Type