Battery Electronic Valves


ur Grand Canyon Battery Electronic Ignition System operates without the need of a standing pilot. This compact system sits in your fire box next to the burner system and functions off of 2 D cell batteries. This kit includes the wiring harness, module, heat shields, fittings, 82K BTU valve and other items pictured. Available in Propane and Natural Gas. Operations include manual (switch on heat shield), or optional features such as remote (GCRK) or wall switch (GCWS)



– Indoor Use Only. Available in a 82K standard option ONLY. MVKEIKN/LP use on ALL KIVA, 1BRN,
2BRN’s, & 3BRN up to 24″. Includes fittings, Switch on heat Shield & Can be requested to be installed on burner. REMOTE OR WALL SWITCH
CAN BE ADDED. Add 8″ to front width for proper centering

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