Electronic Ignition System Box


Outdoor Use, Available in a 200k & 290K Hot surface ignition System (fire pit only), EIS Outdoor compatible with all burner, in-wall system with 6′ pilot assembly lead. WBECS fire-pits only, comes with 24″ pilot assembly and has an optional 36″ pilot assembly lead. Remote or Wall switch can be added.



Grand Canyon Gas Logs Electronic Ignition System (EIS) Box is a 110 Volt direct wire ignition system. Our boxes need to be mounted within 3 feet of the firebox and ideal for new build or remodels. This system comes with a 6′ (foot) pilot assembly lead and a 200K BTU valve. A transformer and module are conveniently mounted inside our 4 x 4 x 12 metal box. Ideal for our Jumbo sets and other larger front view and see-through burner systems. This system operates by an optional Wall Switch (GCWS) or Remote (GCRK).

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